For you, Trench Town.

Jah Jah City!

Let’s chant peace. Don’t let the politician change what truly is. Mama Afrika & Queen Afrika ask of you. Love is the only solution. Free your meditation from any negative vibe or illusion.

Jah Jah City!

Rasta man, rise and speak peace. It’s time for the liberation. Rasta man, rise and speak peace. Chant. All the people, rise and speak peace.

Jah Jah City!

Trench Town, may blessings flow your way.

Could you rise with me and chant a blessing?



Ras. Blog


“In this world of calamity, dirty looks, grudges and jealousy…”

Back to explaining this whole ‘life’ thing as being in a maze. A messy one riddled with all sorts of complexities. Sometimes the sunshine will shower you with warm hue colors that’ll feel like a bear hug. Other times the path get’s so dark and gloomy you don’t know where you’re headed. The good & bad. Ying & yang. Black & white. I get it. That’s how the Universe works. I’ve come to appreciate it. That there’s a delicate balance to be achieved with everything.

What I don’t get is the people who go out of their way to make your journey hard. To trample on you. So vindictive & malicious. Life in itself is already tumultuous. The system isn’t wired to help us survive out here. So why kill a brother? Let’s be kind to one another? Let’s not fight within the cage when we are all aching for freedom…

Emancipate yourselves from the wickedness of this world.

Peace, love & guidance this July people 🙂





somehow I find myself here. Speechless. Only thing coming to mind ‘I don’t know’ when I do know. obsessed with making sure the future is better for everybody not taking enough time to appreciate the now.

Running from feelings again, seems like a pattern that occurs when I’m really close to real love. Still learning and hopeful.

Keep living.

Lion’s Thoughts…

Society. Crushes the heart & soul of the youth. Government won’t hear the cry of no Rasta. Government won’t hear the cry of no man.

So, what if the answer is in the #NoVoteCampaign ? Will the Government have legitimacy then? No? So now? Will they be scared shitless?Will they work for your approval? Will it upset the status quo? Will it change anything? Maybe.

Think about it kindred spirits 🙂

#NoVoting ama namna gani ? 😄

As always, peace, love & guidance y’all.

“Tuch baby, Cuz when a man love a woman and a woman love a man a Jah Jah blessing… You can count on me…”Screenshot_2017-06-20-22-30-51.png

Trench Town, 2

The soul is deeply layered. It’s messy & complicated. It’s like a huge garden maze that’s filled with all sorts of things. Like the one in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

With some it’s easy to discover their inner musings. Others it’s the full on war complete with Lord Voldemort.

Now in Trench Town, you meet both. You meet amazingly deep people you wonder what the Cosmos is like. If it’s any better. People who began their spiritual awakening journey years ago. Others who couldn’t be in the very least bothered with such stuff. People whose soul vibrations echo with fervor.

You’ll be drawn to him. His brown eyes so expressive you’ll have looong conversations without uttering a single word. He’ll be true and say it as it is. He’ll bring up what you’ve been desperately trying to ignore. That maybe just maybe you’re wrong about it all. That maybe you’re not there yet with Trench.

Other times, he’ll soothe your soul and tell you what you’ve been desperately wanting to hear. He’ll tell you of places you can only imagine going. Or stories about his friends you feel you’ve already met in another time. You’ll listen to his every word because you don’t want to forget anything. You don’t want to forget that you’re capable of having such beautiful moments with another being. He’ll tell you you’re a Queen & you’ll gently nod. Then you’ll smile because you know. He’ll smile back because he knows you know.

For the King.

Love & guidance y’all.

PS: Life is brittle. Like a red rose flower. Beautiful. But so fickle. It ought to be treasured.



Your Locs

Empress Swamiii


So listen to this. It aint no Bob Marley or Mother Teresa chant but keep on.

“Several mornings she shampoos me locks. Always having my back. She’s standing true to that real type of lovin’. And I remember when we met and began dating, and everything was copacet’. And the way mi love her good she give me ratings. Yow… seem like she lived upside, cause she don’t have no scratch it’s only beauty spot.”

That’s Damian Marley babes & he’s coming to Kenya. (WASEE!!!)

Love & guidance y’all.

So what do you say J? 🙂